Stammcut A 950 Surface Zinc Coated EDM Wire

Stammcut A 950 Surface Zinc Coated EDM Wire

Stammcut A EDM wire was developed and optimised for the latest generation of high performance generators on wire cut machines. This zinc coated and abrasion resistant wire electrode is suitable for very high surface finish requirements as well as dimensional accuracy. A very high mechanical capacitance is guaranteed by the relation of yield strength to tensile strength. Conical cutting can be carried out very reliably as well. Due to the finely structured and compressed surface on the edm wire electrode, wear on electric leads is significantly reduced. This edm wire electrode is of course suitable for automatic wire threading due to its outstanding straightness and is suitable for many machine types.

Detail Specification
Quantity 2
EDM Process Wire EDM
Material CuZn36 (Zinc Coated)
Spool Size K160
Weight 8kg
Quantity Per Pack 2
EDM Plus Code W/CS-A25HK160

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