Used Astec CDH 2AM Fast Hole EDM Drilling Machine For Sale

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EDM Wire

EDM Wire

We sell STAMMCUT EDM Wire which is manufactured exclusively in Germany. The company has been producing wire since 1973 and offers a complete product range for all of the Wire Erosion Machines and latest generator technologies available in the market today. The wire products can be categorised into 5 areas: Standard Brass Wires, Surface Finish Wires, Performance Wires, High Performance Wires and Fine Wires. The company offers a full range of diameters and tensile strengths according to the demands of the application and spool sizes to suit the specific needs of the machine. We hold many of these wires, diameters and spool sizes in stock for immediate delivery to our clients. We are always happy to talk to clients about regular orders, please ask us for more information.

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