Used Astec CDH 2AM Fast Hole EDM Drilling Machine For Sale

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We sell a range of EDM Filters for all spark erosion processes including Wire Cut EDM, Sinker EDM and Drill EDM.

Our Standard range of filters are made using Media Filter Paper made in Germany and offer the following advantages: Defined filter fineness, High filtration quality, High seperation efficiency and Long service life.

The IQ range of filters are made for the very latest Wire erosion machines to cope with the cutting speeds and surface finishes these machines demand using Media Filter Material made in Japan and offer ther following BENEFITS:
• Up to 40 % longer service life by comparison to other high quality synthetic filters
• Extremely pure dielectric from the very beginning of operation throughout the entire process
• Less machine corrosion
• Extended service life of the ion exchange resin
• Reduction of secondary discharge due to fewer particles in the process water
• Improved surface finish
• Higher cutting speeds
• Fewer wire breaks
• Reduced machine wear

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