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Spark Erosion Service

The Sink EDM process enables us to produce cavities in materials such as hardened tool steel, tungsten carbide, aluminium, inconel, titanium and other exoctic alloys with exceptional accuracy on our Chmer CM545+75PZ ZNC and Eurospark 1000 Sink EDM machines – in fact as long as the metal is conductive it can be eroded with Sink EDM.
The generous tank capacity (1250 x 700 x 500mm) allows for large components even if the erosion area is substanially smaller, i.e. removing broken studs from cylinder blocks. The machine has a table travel of 700 x 500mm and can accept parts up to 1,500kg in weight.

We undertake work for General engineering, Aerospace & Power Generation, Automotive & Autosport, Oil & Gas & Medical applications as well as projects for Universities & Research organisations, all enquiries are welcome.
From single part production to small volume production work, we offer a quick turnaround on jobs with customer satisfaction our top priority, we'd be happy to quote you.

View some examples of completed work.

Our open hours are: Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm, Friday: 9am - 3:30pm

We use the following EDM Machines for our electric discharge machining

  • Sarix EDM

Our Sinker EDM Machines

Chmer CM545+75EZ ZNC Spark Erosion Machine

Chmer CM545+75EZ

ZNC Spark Erosion Machine
Eurospark 1000 Spark Erosion Machine

Eurospark 1000

Spark Erosion Machine

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